Take your research online, whether your project be qualitative or quantitative, IndigoMO is equipped to assist you with digital platform solutions. Despite the virtual nature of digital research, we strive to maintain the human element, our hands-on executives and recruiters guarantee attention to detail and human connection.

Digital research is fun, convenient and mobile for respondents, while being a rapid and cost effective way for clients to engage with respondents nationwide. Digital communities, online focus groups, chat sessions, digital diaries, video interviews and even ethnographies can all be executed virtually.



When you really want to understand your customer, their motivations, behaviour and reasoning, qualitative research is the suggested route. Qualitative research is a social science research tool that collects and works with non-numerical data and that seeks to help clients understand the target consumer.

Methods of qualitative research include observation and immersion, interviews, open-ended surveys, focus groups, content analysis of visual and textual materials, and oral history. These tools are designed to provide you with optimal market intelligence and ultimately to make a decision based on high-quality research.

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Quantitative research allows you to understand, measure and quantify your consumers’ opinions, behaviour and purchasing patterns. By conducting surveys, whether face-to-face, telephonic or online, a large amount of consumer responses can be gathered. Tabling this data will allow you to make accurate and informed decisions, particularly when combined with our qualitative research.

Once data is collected, a quantitative data analysis is then undertaken with the findings graphically represented in an extensive report that accurately and simply explains the results of our research, allowing you to make informed decisions. We encourage our clients to conduct further quantitative research to corroborate any original findings in qualitative studies.

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IndigoMO is part of a qualified fieldwork network with approved contacts across South Africa and most of Africa. Not only will we manage your fieldwork for you from start to finish, we have rigorous quality measures in place with our field quality assessors validating each completed assignment. IndigoMO will ensure that your project is executed exactly in accordance with your objectives and specifications while managing staffing and even cash handling on your behalf.

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Each project aspect, no matter how big or small, is managed by experienced team members ensuring flexibility and control to achieve objectives. We can offer advice and secure all research related suppliers to ensure top quality output.

We have an extensive database of moderating, interviewing, transcribing and translation specialists, top quality catering for all dietary and budget requirements, trustworthy and reliable respondent transport contacts as well as data capturers and notetakers across Africa.

In addition, our team of executives will be on-hand to offer advice on questionnaire design, methodology, sample design and optimal scheduling, while being sensitive to budgetary and cultural considerations throughout the study.

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